This is a summary of the Rules of Entry for the Porsche Awards.

If you want the detailed Rules of Entry you can download the Rules of Entry PDF.



- Students from film schools, schools of art and design, apprentices, graduates and other budding directors in the field of film, television,

  advertising film and advertising in general throughout the world who have been on the market for less than 2 years can enter their

  films .

- The submission to the Porsche Awards is free of charge.

- The submitted films must have been produced in 2022/2023 and must not have been submitted to the Porsche Awards in any

  previous year.

- The submitted films must NOT have opening or closing credits and must NOT include a watermark from a university, this is to ensure

  that the jury can view the films with complete impartiality.

- Films / projects in a language other than English must be submitted with English subtitles .

- All rights (image rights, music rights) must be clarified.

- All films must be prepared with the following properties:

  File format: Quicktime H.264 / Frame rate: 25 fps (or original frame rate) Quality: 100% (optimal) / Encoding: VBR, Multipass (best

  quality) Data rate: 20,000 kbit / Sound: AAC 256 kbit / s, 48 ​​kHz Resolution: HD: 1920x1080

- If you want to submit a format other than film, please contact us at

- The submitter confirms that the submitted film can be published on the online channels of the Porsche Awards, Porsche AG and others (for more see Rules of Entry PDF) in the event of a nomination.


The awards ceremony will be held in Spring 2024 at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg.


All prizes will be awarded by our main sponsor, Dr. Ing.hc F. Porsche AG. The winners in each category will each receive a trophy and a financial prize of € 4,911.